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When you are in Barbados, you can be as busy as you want to be, with the myriad of activities here catering to your appetite for structure, spontaneity, and everything in between.

That’s where our festivals come in – and we’ve got plenty of those! Our festivals, celebrate food, beverage, agriculture, surfing, music, golf, car racing, and culture. Most of all, our festivals celebrate life! 

Barbadians are happy people! We embrace life and celebrate it with unmatched vigour and vitality, in keeping with the colour and flavour of our Caribbean heritage. Our tastes are diverse and we have an appreciation for all things fun. It’s no surprise then that the festival culture is alive and well in Barbados, and that our social calendar of festivals run the gamut from food, beverage, agriculture and surfing, to music, golf, car racing and culture, all catering to the well-rounded you! 

The Crop Over Festival from late June to early August is notably on of the biggest Caribbean festivals. Four spectacular sun-drenched weeks filled with colourful carnivals, dancing, live music, cultural events, and of course, legendary Barbadian rum! For the people of Barbados, it’s a cultural celebration that has hallmarked the end of the sugar cane growing season for over 300 years. For visitors, it’s a unique opportunity to become truly immersed in the dynamic culture of the island nation.

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